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"Star-Spangled Banner (Contemplative Sax Version)" (Single)

by Ricky Sims/Written By: Francis Scott Key

Its All About Love Records
Its All About Love Records
The style of this arrangement is contemplative/serene/relaxing.
"The Star-Spangled Banner (Contemplative Sax Version)" is a remix of my first version. By popular demand from fans, supporters and friends, I mixed this "contemplative version" without drums/percussion. The omission of the drums makes this version much more relaxing to listen to and allows the wonderful melody, played by the sax, to "shine" without being distracted by the drums. So, sit back, put the volume on "low" and relax and meditate to this version of "The Star-Spangled Banner (Contemplative Sax Version)"...Ricky Sims.

Performed, Produced, Arranged and Engineered By: Ricky Sims
Written By: Francis Scott Key
Copyright 2016, Its All About Love Records
Recorded At: Its All About Love Production Studio, Southern California
Publisher/Public Domain