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"What a Wonderful World (Sax Version)" (Single)

by Ricky Sims/Written By: Bob Thiele and George David Weiss

Its All About Love Records
Its All About Love Records
This is a "cover song".
"What a Wonderful World". The title says it all. This planet, that we call Earth, provides breathable air, drinkable water, mountains to climb, trails to hike and people to share it all with. Simply wonderful. I did not over-produce my saxophone and vocal versions of "What a Wonderful World". I wanted to be sure that wonderful melody was upfront and personal. So relax and enjoy this recording and this wonderful world...Ricky Sims.

Performed, Produced, Arranged and Engineered By: Ricky Sims
Written By:
Ricky's Performances On: Tenor Sax, Piano, Roland XP-80 Music Workstation
Recorded At: Its All About Love Production Studio, Southern California
For: Its All About Love Records