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Ricky's Acknowledgment Blog

"ThankYou To All My Fans (Rickysonians) In London, England, United Kingdom"

Greetings...and thank you to all my friends and "fans", (Rickysonians)", in London, England, United Kingdom, for "downloading" and "streaming" my version of "What a Wonderful World (Sax Version)" during your visits to, CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay and other internet music services.  I am most grateful for your friendship and your encouragement.  I would like to give a "special thank you" to Mayor Boris Johnson for his outstanding leadership skills...and a " special, special thank you" to the London Police Officers who risk their lives, EVERYDAY!...and  "BIG THANK YOU" to all of the law abiding folks of London for doing your part to help make this world "a wonderful world".

Ricky Sims.

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